FAA Design Competition for Universities
Guidelines for Design Submission

Be sure you follow the format guidelines: double-spaced, single sided, minimum 12-point type, Times New Roman or Helvetica font. Captions and charts may be at a minimum of 10-point type. You should use titles as designated for each section of the design. Label and title each Appendix. (e.g., Appendix A – Contact Information, etc.) Note that Appendices A – F are required but not part of the forty-page limit.

Full Design Package to be uploaded as a PDF file and must include the following:

Cover Pagecomplete online form
Title of Design, Design Challenge addressed, team member(s) names and status (undergraduate or graduate), advisor name(s), and university name.
You should download the form and save it as a Word document on your local disk. Please use Microsoft Word to open the form and enter the required information and print it out.

Executive Summary
Note this summary will be used to formally describe your design with public audiences and on the Competition website. This summary cannot exceed one page and should serve as a stand alone document. In addition to providing a summary of your design, it should include the title of your design, a brief statement about the individual or team and identify the university.

Main Body
The main body of the Design Submission may not exceed 40 pages and consists of the following sections:

Problem Statement and Background on the Design Challenge being addressed. This section should demonstrate that the individual or team has a clear understanding of the issues surrounding the design challenge as well as current conditions and state-of-the-art approaches.

Summary of Literature Review. Specific reference citations to be provided in Appendix F.

Individual’s or Team’s Problem Solving Approach to the Design Challenge. This section should include a thorough description of individual’s or team’s work including a description of both interdisciplinary and systems engineering approaches as appropriate to solving the problem.

Description of how the technical aspects of the Design Challenge are addressed through drawings, mockups, computer codes, etc. as appropriate to provide evidence of a thorough design process.

Description of required interactions with airport operators and industry experts in the design process.

Description of the projected impacts of the team’s design and findings with a thorough discussion of how the design or solution meets FAA goals. This section should address commercial potential for the design, including a description of processes that would need to be undertaken to bring the design to the product/implementation state. Emphasis should be on increased affordability and utility. The discussion should provide a financial analysis that reflects a realistic approach to projected cost/benefit determination and for the team’s design.

Required Appendices

Appendices A-F as described below are required but not included in the 40-page limit.

Appendix A. List of complete contact information (use permanent addresses) for all advisors and team members. Include email, fax and phone numbers. This information is crucial as student participants may have graduated prior to receiving the award.

Appendix B. Description (approximately one page) of the university or college.

Appendix C. Description of non-university partners involved in the project.

Appendix D. Sign-off form for faculty advisor(s) and department chair(s). This form will need to be completed, printed and signed. The original with signatures needs to be sent with the hardcopy submission of the package. A copy of the signed page should also be included with your PDF submission of the required appendices. For your convenience, we are providing the sign-off form as a word document.

You should download the form and save it as a Word document on your local disk. Please use Microsoft Word to open the form and enter the required information and print it out.

Appendix E. Evaluation of the educational experience provided by the project. This section should include both student and faculty assessments.

Appendix F. Reference list with full citations.